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Ferrari Press Agency Ref 8776 Nativity 1 27/12/2017 See Ferrari text Picture must credit : Nanojesus What researchers believe to be the world???s smallest nativity scene has been presented to Pop Francis.The scene, a scaled down model of a life-sized version in on show in Vilnius, Lithuania, fits easily in to the eye of a needle.It has been reduced 10 000 times to reach the size of one-third of a millimetre.The team, using the project name NanoJesus, is waiting confirmation of the record from the Guinness world recordsIt was 3D printed by researchers at Lithuania???s Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.First, fifteen sculptures from the nativity scene at the Cathedral square in Vilnius were scanned: the Holy Family, the three wise men, shepherds and animals. Then, a 3D model of the scene was developed, and all characters were reduced to nanoscale dimensions, making it invisible to the human eye. Finally, the scene was printed with the latest 3D laser printing technologies. The size of the nativity scene ??" just 300 micrometres (0.3 mm), and it could be placed on a single human eyelash. Baby Jesus is smaller than a human cell!Lithuanian President Dalia GrybauskaitA? presented one of the five nano-Nativity Scenes to Pope Francis as a gift. One will remain in the Lithuanian Presidential Palace in Vilnius while other will be made available for public display.A Nano Jesus spokesman said the idea was implemented by the joint team of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and LinkMen?l Factory together with the Vilnius University Laser Research Center and the private companies Femtika and Idea 3D. The production of a nano-nativity scene took three months using3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D laser nano printing. Lithuania is one of the leaders in laser technologies in the world. The spokesman added:???This extraordinary project sends a message about the opportunities and achievements of the Lit